Friday, November 12, 2021

Rhyming Isn’t Necessary for all Poems

Singer-songwriter Siobahn Hotaling has been involved in the music industry since the age of 16. She has since released two albums and written hundreds of songs. In addition, Siobahn Hotaling received her B.A. in Creative Writing with a specialization in Poetry from Skidmore College. In recent years, she has expanded from purely written poems to performance poetry. Over the past several years, Siobahn has appeared at several poetry open mics in New York as both a participant and as a featured poet.

While some well-known and classic poems incorporate rhyming and certain modern poems, rhyming is overdone in certain prose. When poems have too many rhymes, the verses sound more musical and come across like a children’s nursery rhyme. This is because the ear places more value on natural speech. Excessive rhymes don’t sound natural, even in poems, unless it is done for the sake of performance. Performance, sometimes called slam poetry, often relies heavily on rhymes to maintain a intriguing cadence or flow to the story.

In the written form of poetry, however, the focus of a good poem is creating something that flows with strong language. If rhyming doesn’t work in a particular poem, it might be better to leave it out and let the words create the movement, so the poem’s language resonates with listeners more strongly. Non-rhyming written poems are usually less predictable, display emotion more accurately, and maintain flow better than rhyme.

Monday, November 1, 2021

Some Facts About Skidmore College’s

Songwriter and poet Siobahn Hotaling is currently a project consultant at the Adaption Institute in Gilbert, Arizona, where she conducts research into the science of personality and growth. She attended the Harvard University through their Extension School for her masters’ degree in psychology, which she finished with a 3.9 GPA. For her BA degree in Creative Writing, Siobahn Hotaling attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. While at Skidmore, Siobahn first discovered her love of audio recording while taking a course in sound engineering through the school's renowned music department. Siobahn Hotaling also performed at Falstaff's, Skidmore College's on-site club and performance venue, as part of their open mic and emerging artist nights.

Skidmore College aims to prepare liberally educated graduates to continue to seek knowledge and groom them to make informed, responsible decisions. The college offers more than $64 million in financial aid annually, with 52 percent of its students getting need-based grants and 55 percent receiving some form of financial assistance. Skidmore College offers more than 44 undergraduate majors that are internationally recognized.

Skidmore College also offers international study opportunities, as 60 percent of its students study abroad at some point in their program. Students attend Skidmore-run programs in Spain, New Zealand, England, and France. Back at the main campus, Skidmore College’s buildings are eco-friendly, with 35 percent of the campus buildings geothermally cooled and heated, and 20 percent of the electricity provided on campus coming from a solar field and hydroelectric dam. The college is constructing a new center for Integrated Sciences that is expected to improve geothermal cooling and heating by 10 percent.

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  Experienced songwriter Siobahn Hotaling holds a BA in creative writing from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs in New York. Though her f...