Wednesday, October 6, 2021

The Adaption Institute’s Approach

New York singer/songwriter and performance poet Siobahn Hotaling graduated from Skidmore College with a bachelor of arts in creative writing and poetry. Siobahn Hotaling also has a graduate degree in psychology and serves as a project consultant for the Adaption Institute, a management consulting firm that helps clients navigate employee, organization, market, and customer change through research-driven methodology.

The Adaption Institute provides research and data in all industries, tailored to the needs of its clients. It provides digital microlearning and hosts webinars, in-person meetings, or hybrid events to accommodate each client’s time and resources. With expertise in neuroscience and cognitive psychology, the institute can offer solutions to companies for increasing employee potential and performance.

Organizations that form partnerships with the Adaption Institute can benefit from knowledge in diversity and inclusion, which can resolve employee and client issues faster. For her master's capstone project, Siobahn Hotaling developed a new diversity training called the Implicit Bias Transformation Program, and she has partnered with the Adaption Institute to bring this training to corporate and academic settings. Research has found that organizations that are more diverse and inclusive are twice as likely lead in innovation than other companies, as well as 20% more likely to have higher revenue, according to studies by Deloitte.
Overall leadership development and employee learning also are important aspects that need to be taken into account at an organization, and with scientific research-based solutions, the Adaption Institute can help improve employee decision-making and maximize income and revenues.

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